Bring the thunder to your business

Ross Stockdale –Fractional CMO

Ross Stockdale helps Small Business B2B Service Companies increase their net profit without breaking the bank in 12 months or less as their Fractional CMO. He creates and execute winning marketing strategies to increase profit and decrease time and headaches.

Marketing leadership makes your company’s growth come to life with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Good strategy reliably saves time and money. A fractional chief marketing officer helps you reach more decision-makers and sell service agreements. You want more profit and fewer headaches.

I’ll focus on working ON your business. You focus on working IN your business. Together we will grow net profit and reduce wasted time and effort.

“I’ve been having conversations with Ross for 8 years give or take and from combat sports to business start-ups, to marketing approaches, to project management I haven’t had a single conversation with Ross that I can say did not result in a wealth of new understanding on the topic…I believe that Ross has been one of the most consistent sources of growth in my personal and professional experience. Pay Ross.”

-Jon Weir, Lancaster Full Service Painting

Why do I care about your marketing? Because small business deserves world-class.

Small business owners are the backbone of this country. I know it can be frustrating to have big goals for your company and feel crushed because you don’t have enough leads and customers. I love making small businesses heard in the digital era so owners can focus on doing what they do best — serving customers and communities.

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring a Fractional CMO allows small business B2B service companies to access the expertise and skills of a top-level marketing professional without the high cost of a full-time employee.

Specialized Expertise

With 10+ years of experience serving SMB B2B service companies, Ross Stockdale has proved he can help these businesses develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns.


A Fractional CMO can work on a project-by-project basis, allowing Small business owners to scale their marketing efforts up or down depending on their needs.

Let’s Get Started


Schedule a 30-minute call to see if a Fractional CMO is a good fit.


Next, we’ll get on a more extended call to dive deep into your needs. Then I’ll share the steps I recommend with a proposal.

Marketing Transformation

In the first 30 days, you’ll have a comprehensive marketing plan and the leadership to execute it over the rest of the quarter.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is the outsourced executive that runs your marketing team and is responsible for all of your marketing outcomes. A great Fractional CMO will figure out what your goals, what your brand history is, and what action plan is needed to achieve your goals.

When you hire a Fractional CMO, they will make sure your team is working both smarter and healthier. This means not only doing projects well, but on time and under budget. That’s what Ross Stockdale does for B2B Service Companies doing $30M or less in yearly revenue.

Share your goals, get in touch, and let’s make your vision a reality.

What does a Fractional CMO Do?

  • Create systems for your team to follow
  • Map out your customer journey
  • Hire and fire marketing employees and service providers to execute
  • Manage KPIs so your marketing makes you money
  • Craft your messaging and brand positioning
  • Build your marketing strategy custom to your goals
  • Increase the life-time value (LTV) of your customers
  • Direct and manage omni-channel marketing campaigns
  • Negotiate and vet marketing agencies saving you time and money
  • Save you time, make you money, manage your stress

Who is a Fractional CMO right for?

  • You if you’re running a marketing team instead of being a CEO
  • You if you’re not sure what campaigns work
  • You if you don’t have your customer journey mapped out, marketing measured, or an educated guess for what to do next
  • You if you rely on word of mouth or referrals
  • You if you ever want to sell your company or be able to take time off

You Deserve The Marketing Expertise You Need to Grow Your Business

Small business owners often risk everything to serve their clients. The right clients make it all worth it, while not having enough clients or having the wrong clients makes you question your sanity. If you delegate your marketing outcomes to an expert, you get to take your time back. Why wouldn’t you want to see a greater return on your most important asset, your business? You take care of your clients’ business needs. Let a Fractional CMO handle yours.